Jacqueline is a strong active listener. She does more than help you run a campaign, she gives you action steps that are specific to your organization’s needs and goals but are also proven methods. She does what she can on her end to make sure that the meetings are effective and efficient. No time is wasted!

~Vivian Kurutz, Harlem Wellness Center, harlemwellness.org

The one on one sessions are most valuable to bounce around ideas and strategies. I enjoyed the privilege, and yes I call it a privilege, of receiving invaluable coaching for a 2nd campaign. Frankly, it is my belief that all organizations that don’t have fundraising experts on staff need YFC. It’s simply not a reasonable expectation of boutique orgs to successfully fundraise without help. I will be maintaining a relationship with YFC for many years to come!

~Stephanie Farmer, Ms. Steph’s Science Club, tfempowerment.org

I found the sessions to be extremely valuable. Breaking down each strategy step by step and the encouragement to stick with it opened my eyes to realize all the work I still have to do; and ignited me to continue to do the work.

~Christopher Caldwell, Ovations Global Network, ovationsglobalnetwork.org

Every now and then, I get overwhelmed. Yup, I do!!! I just had the most AMAZING brainstorming session with Jacqueline House. I was refreshed and re-energized. I’m reworking my plans and making movements. Thank you so much for your time tonight. Are you looking to build your organization off of the knowledge of an experienced nonprofit organization administrator? Call Ms. House to provide guidance. I found her ability to probe with questions and provide possible solutions to issues most valuable.

~Marva Wilks, The Education Gateway Foundation

Jacqueline is very knowledgeable, attentive, and she cares about you reaching your goals. My session was extremely valuable and liberating. I really enjoyed the session.

~Shirley Temple, Accounting Professional

This workshop over exceeded my expectation to the 2nd power. I am overjoyed and grateful to have experienced. I prophesy that today marks the beginning of an intentional and clear journey for the rest of my life. A big shout out to Ms. Jacqueline House for having the astonishing vision of putting together this amazing and life changing workshop.

~Yadi Martinez, Realtor

Jacqueline House knows her stuff when it comes to all things fundraising. I was most impressed with her innate ability to breakdown her proven fundraising strategy to help us achieve our short-term financial goals and long-term sustainably. I highly recommend Jacqueline for all of your organization’s fundraising needs. She’s definitely the Jacq of her trade! 

~Kandra Albury, Founder & CEO of Kids’n Capes, Inc., kidsncapesinc.org